Bitcoin 3



Bitcoin 3 (BTC3) is a cryptocurrency on Ethereum Platform with a fully decentralized Block chain of ERC20. Where you can see each and every moments of transactions from wallet to wallet.

Use Case

The main purpose of Bitcoin 3 (BTC3) is Total Payment Solution. If you have BTC3 in your wallet then you can convert it into any other cryptocurrency. From BTC3 you can perform the following tasks in the coming few months.

  • 1. You can Recharge your Mobile through BTC3. Already start from July 2020.
  • 2. You can create your own Coin/Token through BTC3 and list your project on National and International Exchanges. For further details you can email me on emails mentioned on our website. This will start from Aug 2020.
  • 3. You can Buy any item from Big Shopping Malls .
  • 4. You can buy Air Tickets , Train Tickets or Bus Tickets from BTC3.
  • 5. You may recharge your mobile or Dish TV .
  • 6. You can convert your funds from BTC3 to fiat currency like usd via usdt or in INR withdraw amount in your bank account.
  • 7. You can transfer your funds into Paytm or Phone Pay or any other payment option running at present.
  • 8. You can convert BTC3 to other mostly cryptocurrencies.
Specification of BTCSpecification of BTC3

BTC3/BTC Listed on

Website :

Data and Current rate of BTC3 is Displaying on https://coinpaprika.com/coin/btc3-bitcoin-3/

Coin Full Details

Platform : Ethereum ERC20
Coin Name : Bitcoin 3
Symbol : BTC3
Decimal : 8
Total Supply : 2,10,00,000
Smart Contract : 0xcea83bc11a51cf07eea1286eee099871b428e613

Etherscan Link :

Rate Started from 0.00000140 BTC which is equivalent to INR Rs 1/-

Current Rate Running 0.00000484 BTC which is equivalent to INR Rs 3/