Road Map Bitcoin 3 (BTC3)

Three steps bticoin

Road Map Bitcoin 3 (BTC3)

Mobile Recharge Facility through BTC3. Already Running. Create your own Coin/Token and List your project on National and International Exchanges through BTC3 From Aug 2020.

At present BTC3 Listed on Five Star Exchange and Trading in BTC3/BTC and BTC3/FSC Pair . BTC3 is also trading on BTRL Exchange in BTC3/BTC Pair. BTC3 is also trading on ETOR Exchange in BTC3/BTC and BTC3/ETH Pairs.In this year BTC3 will be listed on one or more Crypto currency Exchange. And also to be listed on Decentralized Exchange.


Create your wallet

Very Soon BTC3 will be listed on and Coin Market Cap. Already listed on Data Analysis websites like,, , and


Make payments

We will develop our own Block Chain.


Buy or Sell Orders

We will bring our Own Cryptocurrency Exchange where BTC3 will trade in BTC3/BTC Pair and also in other pairs.
We will list on International Exchanges


Buy or Sell Orders

We will make BTC3 coin world wide popular and interchangible.