Holding Rewards

Bitcoin 3

Holding Rewards

2x to 20x Your Funds ThroughBTC3 within 26 Months

2x to 20x Your Funds ThroughBTC3 within 26 Months

You can invest in multiples of 5000 BTC3 from the current rate of BTC3 as per ratesdisplayed on the Data Analysis website https://coinpaprika.com.You have to put your BTC3 on your Trust wallet or Metamask wallet which I will give youagainst your investment.

Against your BTC3 I will give you 7.5% ​Holding rewards​ in terms of BTC or INR or You cantransfer that much BTC3 from your wallet to your desired exchange.

Let me explain by example :

If suppose you have invested 10000 BTC3 equivelent fund. At the time of investment currentrate is 0.00000480 which is Equivalent of Rs 4/- then you have to invest Rs 40000/- and youwill get 10000 BTC3 in your trust wallet or Metamask wallet of Ethereum.com
At every 1 st date of every month up to 26 months you will get 7.5% ​Holding Rewards​ interms of BTC or BTC3 or INR as per your choice. Remember if you withdraw your 7.5%reward which is equivalent to 750 BTC3 in exchange instead of returning to us then in thatcase you will not get a cash reward.

You have to choose any one option.
Now suppose that after 2 years BTC3 rates went up to Rs 80/- then you will get up to 20x ofyour investment funds. It depends on people's support and various factors. It may be less orit may be much more.

How rate will increase of BTC3 ?

We will work in various sectors , some of them are described here :
(1) Promotion of BTC3 through advertisement in various social media market
(2) Promoting BTC3 on International Exchanges like Mercatox , Wazirx, Resfinex , AltillySatoexchange or other National Exchange like Oxitron or Bitbns. In some of exchanges wehad already applied and some are under process.
(3) More exposure to BTC3 via Listing it on bigger data analysis websites like coingecko orCoin Market Cap etc, so that world’s most of the crypto lovers can search out BTC3 from allover the world. Resulted more buyers came across our project and more buying will bedone. Because we have limited supply of BTC3 only 21 Million our rates will enhance asmore and more utilities will be introduced in this project.
(4) By using BTC3 we will also do trading on various exchanges and earn profit. That profitwill be help us for more and more buying opportunities in BTC3 . Hence our traders will getbenefit out of it.
In that manner rates of BTC3 will increase regularly.

For Further Details Contact :

Whatsapp​ : +917999787094

Email ​: ​info@btc-3.com

Telegram ​ : ​https://t.me/Crypto_Earning